How Can You Find Envelope Size Charts?

Envelope size charts can be downloaded for free online or sourced from the local post office. Common online sources for envelope size charts include both Leader Paper and Paper-Papers among others.

One of the most popular online enveloped sizing charts is hosted by Leader Paper. Its chart breaks envelopes into several categories and provides information on the common dimensions and uses for each category. The webpage provides a similar chart.

Additionally, the United States Postal Service provides myriad information through its website and physical locations. The benefit of using the USPS charts is that they contain accurate information on what types of postage stamps are required. In addition to specifying how the size and shape of an envelope affect the price, the USPS website also contains information pertaining to how weight, quantity and distance factor into the mailing price.

Another source of envelope supply charts is Western States Envelope & Label. This company produces full-sized wall posters featuring 49 different sized envelopes. The sizes are layered on top of a high-quality photograph of nature, making the poster both attractive and functional. Furthermore, Western States gives these posters away for free to customers simply for signing up on its website.