How Can You Enter a Car Into a Convention Center Auto Show?


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While the specific methods and requirements for entering a car into an auto show vary between events, most typically include submitting a registration form that provides the event holders with your name, details about the car and an entry fee. These forms also typically include legal documents that waive liability and show your acknowledgement of rules and regulations.

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When entering a car into an auto show, you typically need to fill out an official registration form that gives the event coordinators all the pertinent information about the vehicle, such as its license plate number, make and model. The form also typically includes space to enter your contact information, as well as the specific category or event into which you are entering. If the event carries a registration fee, the form usually also includes a section explaining the fees, deadlines and acceptable payment methods. You must submit these forms either online or in person by the specific deadlines of the contest.

Every auto show operates differently, with some focusing only showcasing products for sale from major manufacturers and local businesses, while others run contests and showcases open for anyone. The first step to entering a car into such an event is to contact the event organizers to understand the available categories open for entry. Some organizations also make registration information available through the event's website, though certain details may not be present if the event is too far in advance.

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