How Can You Easily Remove a Pulley From an Engine?


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To easily remove a pulley from an engine, use a pulley tool. Place this tool over the bolt and rim of the pulley and tighten its key. Turning the key helps the pulley tool to yank the engine's pulley off.

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Before removing a pulley from the engine, allow the engine to cool down completely as a safety precaution. Then, open the car's hood and determine the location of the pulley that needs to be pulled out of the engine.

Position the pulley tool over the side of the pulley so that it covers the bolt located in the center of the pulley. Also, verify that the arms of the pulley tool run tightly over the circumference of the engine's pulley.

Next, thread the bolt of the pulley tool through its center using your hands. Turn the tool's key tightly in a clockwise direction. Continue tightening the key on the tool using your hands. Alternatively, use a wrench for this purpose.

This causes the bolt centered on the pulley tool to thrust itself against the engine and the arms of the tool. As the bolt is tightened, the pulley tool's arms get pulled towards it. The pulley's arms, in turn, pull the pulley along with them. This ultimately helps the pulley tool to yank the engine's pulley off the engine.

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