How Can You Get Free Driving Lessons?

Free driving lessons are available in certain states, such as Florida, for students interested in taking safety courses. There are stipulations the student must adhere to before signing up for the free course. The high school students must have a driving permit as well as a passing grade on the online driving education course.

The free driving programs vary from state to state, but the information in this answer relates to one offered by Florida. Florida Virtual School is a program directly affiliated with the public school system. It allows students to take extra classes online, or to catch up in failing courses. One of the programs Florida Virtual School offers is Florida Virtual School Online Driving Course. The course provides all the information needed for a student aged 16 years of age or older to be able to apply for a license quickly.

Use these following steps in order to apply for the free course offered at Florida Virtual School:

  1. Register
  2. Log into the Florida Virtual School and sign up for the online driver education course.

  3. Pass the course
  4. Take the final exam and pass it, thereby completing the course.

  5. Obtain driving permit
  6. Go to the local department of motor vehicles office and register for a permit. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will then set up an appointment for the teenager to practice driving a vehicle.