Where Can You Take a Driver's License Test?

can-driver-s-license-test Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

A driver's license test is most commonly taken at the local department of motor vehicles (DMV). Each state's DMV has several tools available for new drivers, such as handbooks and practice tests.

The DMV has a set procedure for those interested in taking the driving test. Each applicant must fill out the appropriate paperwork and is required to take a written competency test. The allowed scores vary by state.

After taking and passing the written test, prospective drivers must pass the driving test. The test itself covers the same material, although each state's test may vary. Once passed, the driver is issued a license.

Applicants for a driver's license must fill out an application with details such as address, organ donation preferences and physical attributes, as well as pay any applicable fees. Each state requires proof of identity, though the accepted documents vary by location. To take the road test, an applicant typically needs to bring the vehicle she intends to drive, proof of registration and insurance, and a learner's permit, existing driver's license or other authorization.