How Can You Get a Driver's License in South Carolina After a DUI in Alaska?


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In South Carolina, a person is eligible for a driver's license as long as he does not have a suspended or revoked license in another state. Therefore, a person must fulfill whatever legal terms are necessary so that his license is reinstated in Alaska.

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In Alaska, if the DUI is a first offense, a license is suspended for a minimum of 90 days. After this court-mandated suspension period has ended, a person is eligible for a driver's license in South Carolina as long as all legal requirements have been met and all fees paid in Alaska.

Any driver who receives a driving under the influence conviction has his license suspended for a minimum number of days, according to DMV.org. The number of days applicable depends largely on the number of DUI offenses. This suspension is applicable in 45 U.S. states, according to CarInsurance.com. These states have adopted or agreed to the interstate driver's license compact, which means they honor another state's suspension laws. Both South Carolina and Alaska are part of this compact and share and honor another state's suspended or revoked motor vehicle license.

Once eligible in South Carolina, a person must go to the local driver's license bureau, provide proof of insurance, and then complete written and driving skills tests. If passed, an individual receives a South Carolina license.

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