How Can You Get a Driver's License in Oklahoma?

How Can You Get a Driver's License in Oklahoma?

To get a driver's license in Oklahoma if you are 18 or older, go to an Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Driver's License office. Applicants need to provide primary and secondary proof of identification, pass a written test as well as a vision test and pass a driving skills test in some cases. If you pass, you can take your approval paperwork to a tag agency, pay a license fee and have your driver's license printed.

  1. Gather documentation

    Bring primary and secondary proof of your identity to a Department of Public Safety Driver's License exam site. Primary proof can be a birth certificate, a U.S. passport, naturalization card, Oklahoma identification card or proof of legal residence in the United States. Secondary proof includes any of the primary identity documents, as well as a Social Security card, health insurance card, marriage certificate, voter registration card, out-of-state driver's license, insurance policy with your name on it and any state-issued license for hunting, piloting or gun ownership.

  2. Practice for the written exam

    Download the Oklahoma driver's manual from the Department of Public Safety website. Study the manual prior to taking the written test.

  3. Go to a driver testing facility

    Check the Department of Public Safety website to find your nearest driver testing facility. Provide your full legal name and your two proofs of identity at the facility. State which type of license you are applying for. In Oklahoma, the license for regular cars and SUVs is the Class D license.

  4. Take the vision and written test

    Wear any corrective lenses you need to drive safely when you take the vision test. Take the provided written test, which covers Oklahoma traffic laws, safe driving practices and the effects of alcohol and drugs on a person's ability to drive. A facility agent grades your exam and provides you with the appropriate paperwork if you pass the test.

  5. Take the driving test if necessary

    If you have to take the driving test, make an appointment at the driver testing facility. The car you are driving must be insured and properly tagged with Oklahoma license plates. The examiner lets you know whether you passed the test and provides you with the paperwork needed to get your driver's license.

  6. Obtain your driver's license

    Go to a tag agency to obtain your license. Pay the appropriate fee to have your license printed.