Where Can You Find Your Driver's License Number?


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A person may find his driver’s license number from the local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Individuals are required to produce some documents as a proof of identity. When losing a driver’s license, or when it is stolen, individuals should report to the police immediately.

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Individuals should obtain a new driver’s license and number to prevent a prospective criminal from using their details to commit a crime. However, they need to tell the police their license number. A visit to the office of motor vehicles is necessary. The charges for obtaining a new driver’s license may vary from one state to another.

Alternatively, one may obtain his driver’s license number if he wrote it on some legal paperwork such as a previous loan application or a canceled check. The new license bears a new number to avoid theft of identity. It is recommended to keep the driver’s details and records private. In this regard, it is illegal for ordinary citizens to access the driving records of other people. However, employers may obtain the details of their employees’ driving records. For legal purposes, a judge may issue a court order for an individual to obtain the driving record of another person.

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