How Can I Find Dodge Durango Engine Codes?


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A list of generic engine codes and engine codes for Dodge vehicles, including the Durango, is available on OBD-Codes.com, as of 2015. Engine-Light-Help.com also provides a list of engine codes for Dodge vehicles with related articles for more information on some of the codes.

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To view the list of engine codes on OBD-Codes.com, visit the homepage and click Trouble Codes. The Trouble Codes page has a list of codes, some of which have links for more information. On this page, click Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep to view codes specific to those manufacturers. The Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep page provides a list of codes and a brief description for each code.

To view codes on Engine-Light-Help.com, visit the homepage and click Domestic Codes. On this page, click Dodge Code Definitions Page. The page provides a list of codes, a brief description for each code and a Related Information link or a related article for some codes.

Each engine code indicates a specific problem found by the vehicle's on-board diagnostic system. Generic engine codes are those codes that are used by all manufacturers. Dodge codes are those that are only used by Dodge.

To obtain an engine code, the driver takes the car to a mechanic or an auto parts store. Many mechanics and stores read the code free of charge.

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