How Can You Determine the Value of a Used Kubota Tractor?


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One method for determining the value of a used Kubota tractor is to compare it to current listings of the same or similar models on site such as TractorHouse.com, EquipmentTraderOnline.com or eBay.com, as of 2015. Another method is to use a tractor valuation tool, such as those found on Fastline.com and IronSolutions.com.

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When determining the price of a used Kubota tractor by viewing online sale listings, keep in mind factors that influence the price such as the overall condition of the machine, available parts and options, the age of the machine and any accessories included with the sale. TractorHouse.com and EquipmentTraderOnline.com are both classified sites that specialize in tractors and farm equipment. Use the Search features on these sites to locate listings for the same model and style of Kubota tractor and check the pricing for each item, with each site offering categories based on both brand and machine time. Auction site eBay.com does not focus on farming equipment exclusively, though it does offer similar filtering tools.

Fastline.com offers a tractor valuation tool that prompts you to enter the exact make and model and view current fair market values for it according to general statistics. The tool on IronSolutions.com focuses on regional pricing, as different areas of the country have varying demands on tractors. It also takes into account the condition of the tractor as well as its model and features.

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