How Can You Determine the Exact Color of Your Car's Paint?


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To determine the exact color of your car's paint, locate the paint or color code on the vehicle. Alternatively, contact the car manufacturer or a dealership. Also, consider using a relevant website such as Automotive Touchup to determine the paint code based on the car manufacturer.

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How Can You Determine the Exact Color of Your Car's Paint?
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The paint code's location on the car varies depending on the model and make of the vehicle. A few common paint code locations include under the hood, under the body plate, cover of the spare tire, front supports, glove compartment, trunk and the door jambs.

If you cannot locate the paint code in these areas, check the owner's manual to know the precise location. The paint code comprises of alphabets and numbers and is identified by the terms "Color Code" or "Paint Code" accompanying it. After determining the paint code, provide it to an auto repair personnel to know the exact color.

When contacting the car manufacturer or dealership, provide the vehicle's VIN to determine the paint code from the relevant records.

On the Automotive Touchup website, click on the relevant car manufacturer's link, and follow the instructions on the screen to identify the exact color based on the year and car model. Preferably, verify the code identified thus by contacting the car's manufacturer.

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