How Can You Determine the Blue Book Value of a Boat?


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You can determine the Blue Book value of a boat by visiting the Kelley Blue Book website's Personal Watercrafts section and entering in all relevant information for a particular boat. You can use the site to discover both the boat's retail value and its trade-in value.

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Begin by clicking either the Kelley Blue Book Retail Value button or the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value button. From there, select the boat's manufacture year. Next, select the name of the manufacturer, such as Sea-Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki.

Now, select the correct model name from the list of boats provided. Many names may be similar, so double-check for accuracy. Clicking on the boat brings up a page that displays more options, such as its cylinders and stroke, and either the retail value or trade-in value, depending on which you selected at the beginning.

When providing an estimate, the Kelley Blue Book site cautions that this number only represents typical dealer asking prices and serves as the starting point of a financial negotiation between dealer and seller rather than an expected price. Additionally, the estimate value assumes the boat has been reconditioned or otherwise remains in excellent condition. If not, the retail value or trade-in value may be lower than the Kelley Blue Book estimate.

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