How Can I Get a Deep Scratch Out of My Car?

Covering up a scratch on your car usually requires using touch-up paint, followed by wax or polish. If the paint on your car is lacquer-based, using a lacquer thinner helps move the paint around and cover the scratch. If the paint is enamel-based, you need touch-up paint from your dealer.

  1. Get the paint code

    A deep scratch usually means that more than the car's clear coat has been damaged. If this is the case, you need to paint the scratch. To correctly match your car's paint, get the paint code from the door jam or glove compartment. Using this code, get the correct paint from your car dealer.

  2. Paint the scratch

    Clean the area of the scratch so you can clearly see the damage. Thoroughly shake the bottle of paint. Using a toothpick to give you better control, carefully paint the scratch. Let it dry overnight. With a sponge or rubber block as a backing, use 1000-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper to buff the paint. Follow this up with compound to restore shine. Repeat the process as necessary.

  3. Spray a clear coat

    Using a can of automotive clear coat, spray a light coat onto the affected area. Do not overspray. Let it dry. Use the sandpaper again, followed by compound. Let it dry overnight. Repeat again till the scratch is buffed out and proper shine is restored.