How Can You Decode Ford VINs?

How Can You Decode Ford VINs?

To decode a Ford VIN, break the code into three parts. The first three digits identify that Ford manufactures the vehicle. The next six digits make up the vehicle descriptor section, and the last eight digits make up the vehicle identifier section.

  1. Decode the first three digits

    The first digit indicates the nation of origin, the second digit describes that Ford is the manufacturer, and the third digit notes the type of vehicle or manufacturing division.

  2. Decode digits four to nine

    Digits four to eight describe the model, body type, restraint system, transmission type and engine code. The ninth digit is used to identify invalid VINs.

  3. Decode digits 10 to 17

    Digit 10 represents the model year, digit 11 represents the location where the vehicle was assembled, and digits 12 to 17 are production sequence numbers that are added to the vehicle on the assembly line.