Where Can You Find the Deck Plans for the Freedom of the Seas?

Find the deck plans for the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship on sites such as RoyalCaribean.com, CruiseCritic.com, CruiseDeckPlans.com, CruiseWeb.com and TravelWeekly.com, as of April 2015. Each site also contains different additional features, such as reviews of the ship or pictures of the rooms and amenities.

The basic deck plans for the Freedom of the Seas consists of a chart that shows the locations of the different passenger rooms, public areas, entrainment rooms and restaurants. The plans also offer a brief description of the purpose of each area, such as the type of shows held in a space or food offered in a dining area. Some sites, such as TravelWeekly.com, also contain detailed plans for the different cabins and a deck-by-deck breakdown of the ship's design.