Where Can You Find Custom Wheel Center Caps?

Custom wheel center caps are available from retailers that specialize in custom printing, such as Upstream Center Caps, eDecals.com and 3D Car Stickers. Upstream Center Caps sells caps with custom logo designs; eDecals.com and 3D Car Stickers sell custom printed stickers for customers to apply to blank wheel center caps.

Upstream Center Caps sells polished alloy center caps with different designs and allows customers to create custom designs. It also offers blank center caps, which can be used as-is or combined with a custom decal from another company. Upstream Center Caps accepts PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and TrustPay and ships its products worldwide.

EDecals.com prints custom decals for customers to apply to blank center caps. Customers choose the decal size, text, font and colors. The designer also provides options for slanted text and specialty vinyl backgrounds. EDecals.com does not offer custom graphics; its decals can only contain customized text. Returning customers can access prior decal orders for easy reordering.

EDecals.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. Most orders are created and shipped within 24 hours of the initial order, although shipping time varies from one to five days, depending on the customer's location.

3D Car Stickers prints both text and graphic decals for blank center caps. Customers who wish to purchase custom decals email a logo image to the company. 3D Car Stickers then provides a price quote and payment options for completing the order.