How Can You Create a Sample Driver Log Book?

How Can You Create a Sample Driver Log Book?

Create a sample driver log book by making categories such as starting time, names, co-drivers and starting and ending locations. Also include the date, name of the carrier, truck number and total miles driven within a 24-hour period.

Creating a sample driver's log book follows the same process as making one for practical use. Place the headings at the top of the page, leaving lines underneath for various entries. Follow the steps below to create a log book template.

  1. Create the common headers
  2. Using a computer program such as Microsoft Word or using blank paper, a pen and a straight-edge ruler, create appropriate headers at the top of the page including driver's name, truck number, name of carrier and total number of miles driven in 24 hours.

  3. Add extra headers, if necessary
  4. Depending on the trucking company and the items being transported, add in details from the shipping document and names of co-drivers.

  5. Insert a grid graph
  6. Insert a grid graph that plots out each day's progress and various activities including driving and sleeping. The graph grid should contain a box for each hour of the day.

When using an actual driver's log book, fill out the log book completely every day. Drivers who fail to keep a log or file a false report may be subject to prosecution. Go through the report and make sure the time spent on each activity adds up to 24 hours, correct grammatical errors and sign the report, stating it is as accurate as possible.