Can a Cracked Rim Be Fixed?

A cracked rim is fixed by welding the notch together with metal or recasting the piece with special plastics. Cracks appear in tire rims when they strike hard surfaces or are exposed to friction and extreme weather. The rim serves as the core stabilizer for the wheel, making it essential to keep this piece intact and in good shape.

It is easy to fix a cracked metal rim by welding the crack back together. This is done by reshaping the rim on a professional device that makes sure that the rim is balanced and smoothed out appropriately so as to seat the rubber wheel back where it belongs. The cracks in a rim make it difficult to hold in air and ensure an ongoing quality driving experience, but fixing these issues allows a driver to get back on the road quickly.

There are other kinds of rims that are also fixable in the automotive world. These devices are ceramic or made of other alloys that are not standard for welding purposes. Any after-market wheel mounts are difficult to correct and require specialized techniques to fix. By fixing these issues early, it is easy to keep cracks from getting worse and generates a more reliable long-term investment in specialized wheel technology.