Can a Coolant Sensor Be Repaired, or Must It Be Replaced?


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Coolant sensors cannot be repaired and should therefore be replaced when they fail. When a coolant sensor is shorted, open or giving false readings, it can no longer be trusted to deliver an accurate temperature signal. Replacing it can restore the proper function of the engine management system.

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Visually inspecting the coolant sensor may reveal the cause of its malfunction, such as severe corrosion, cracks or damage due to coolant leak. Often, the only way to confirm if the coolant sensor has ceased to work is to measure its resistance and voltage readings using a voltmeter or digital storage oscilloscope. Readings vary, but in general, a coolant sensor should give a reading of about 3 volts when cold and about 1.2 to 0.5 volts when the engine is hot and in operating temperature.

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