Where Can You Have the Computer Chodes Checked for a Dodge Truck?


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A Dodge truck can receive a diagnostics test from places that offer the troubleshooting service, such as auto part stores or repair garages. An individual can also purchase a code scanner themselves to perform a diagnostics test in the comfort of their own homes.

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Diagnostic tests are completed using a special code checker that plugs into the vehicles wire harness. Once plugged in, the diagnostics tool will read any codes that have been saved to the vehicles ECU and allow the user to easily repair the vehicle.

Auto part chain stores often have a free diagnostic service for their customers. The vehicles can be taken to the store and the employees will then plug the diagnostics machine into the vehicle to retrieve any codes. Although the service is free, many of the employees are not certified mechanics and cannot help past the diagnostics test.

Service shops usually offer a free inspection test for their customers and tend to be less expensive on repairs as opposed to dealerships, as they make use of re-manufactured components. Although a repair shop may not charge for an inspection, they will also offer a troubleshooting service. The troubleshooting service requires testing the components that are producing the codes on the computer to ensure they find the root of the problem.

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