Where Can You Find Chrysler Check Engine Codes?


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Chrysler check engine codes are located at Engine Light Help, a reference website. In order to retrieve a check engine code, a second-edition on-board diagnostic computer scanner is connected to the vehicle's 16-pin data link connector typically located near the steering column.

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Chrysler automobile check engine codes are formatted with the letter "P" followed by a four-digit number between 1105 and 1899. Most contemporary Chrysler vehicles maintain sensor parameters in an on-board diagnostic computer. When actual sensor readings vary from the baseline, the check engine lamp lights up on the dash. Using a scanner to determine the code is the first step in diagnosing automotive issues.

An OBD II scanner can return check engine codes, such as P1198 and P1199. This indicates that the voltage of the radiator temperature sensor is either too high or too low. Likewise, code P1491 indicates that the radiator fan control relay circuit is continuously open or shorted out.

Codes P1756, P1757 and P1762 through P1764 are related to the governor pressure. The governor, synonymous with a speed limiter, is a device that regulates the engine operation of the automobile. The first two error codes deal with aberrant pressures themselves, while the latter three indicate improper voltages going to the pressure sensor.

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