How Can You Choose the Best Wheels for Your Car?


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Choose the best tires for your car by determining the size of tires that your vehicle needs, analyzing the road conditions the tires must be capable of traversing, and buying the highest quality of tires that fulfill those requirements. Purchase tires with speed ratings that match your vehicle's performance, or you run the risk limiting your handling and speed capacity.

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Check the sidewall of your old tires or your vehicle's owner manual to determine your vehicle's default tire size. Some car owners choose to replace old tires with new tires that are the next lower profile, as this can improve a vehicle's handling performance and stability. Another common change that owners make is "plus sizing," or replacing tires with new tires that are the same height as the originals but have shorter sidewalls. This change can increase tire responsiveness and improve handling.

Still other car owners opt to select larger tires than the originals, especially if the vehicle is a sport utility vehicle or a truck. Larger tires increase traction and improve the weight capacity of a vehicle. When selecting larger tires, make certain that the new tires' carrying capacities are at least equal to that of the old tires. Also confirm that the rim width range for the new tire is suitable for your vehicle and does not rub against parts of the car.

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