Where Can You Find Cheap, Used Transmissions for Sale?

can-cheap-used-transmissions-sale Credit: Vestman/CC-BY 2.0

Cheap, used transmissions can be purchased online from general used auto parts dealers, such as Auto Gator and UNeedAPart, as well as from specialized used engine parts resellers, such as Buy Used Engine. Also, Internet auction sites like eBay commonly offer listings for used transmissions.

The Auto Gator site allows users to browse through a wide selection of used automotive parts, including complete transmissions. To see available models, users must first select the make, model and year of the vehicle in need of a transmission. Selecting these options displays the site's full inventory of parts, with options to view pictures and a description of the vehicle from which the parts are to be taken. Each listing contains a breakdown of the part's condition and its price. The site offers nationwide shipping on all parts within a 90 day window, as of March 2015.

Listings on eBay can be sorted based on several relevant filters, including the price of the transmissions, the location of the sellers and the offered shipping options. Each individual seller sets the shipping methods and price, which means these costs should be taken into account prior to making a purchase. Users are also able to filter results based on the seller's feedback rating.

Junk yards and flea markets are typically the best places to find an auto part if the most important factor is cost. When buying auto transmissions from a junk yard or flea market, use careful judgment because most sell as-is without return service. Check the listings in the local papers for garage sales or used cars being sold for parts. Local repair shops may occasionally have a used transmission for sale. Avoiding purchasing a transmission online means avoiding hefty shipping costs in most cases.

Occasionally, a cheap auto transmission can be found online. Many websites sell used auto parts, but the best way to find the cheapest available online parts is to use a site such eBay, which lets users bid on available items and review the specs of each purchase before making a bid. In this way, shopping for an auto transmission online, although sometimes more expensive and risky than shopping in person, is more reliable. Whether using a bidding site or sites such Usedtransmissionz.com and Craigslist, having the option to thoroughly plan the purchase saves money in the long run.