How Can You Find a Cheap Moving Van?


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When looking for a moving van, go to the websites of several large van rental places, and enter the information to get price estimates. After that, try choosing different dates for the move. Moving vans typically cost more in the summer, so try to choose other seasons. If a moving van rental company has several pick up and drop off locations in your area, try switching them around as well.

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How Can You Find a Cheap Moving Van?
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Some moving companies load up the truck, drive it and unload, while other companies only provide moving vans. Services of large moving companies usually cost somewhat more that those of smaller companies. In addition, they might want to combine your things with the belongings of other people in the same truck, so it may take several days for a company to deliver your belongings. An advantage of large companies is that they are less likely to lose things or cause other inconveniences.

Do-it-yourself moving companies, such as U-Haul, Budget and Penske, typically offer the cheapest services, but you have to handle the furniture and drive the truck yourself. There is the option of renting a truck and hiring people to load and unload the furniture, which usually still costs less than hiring a large moving company because you have to drive the truck yourself.

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