Where Can You Find a Chart of the Sizes of ANCO Wiper Blades?


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A chart of ANCO wiper blades is available at ANCOWipers.com. This website features a Find My Blades section that provides the correct ANCO wiper blades for any vehicle. Site visitors can enter whether the vehicle is commercial, recreational or automotive.

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Consumers can choose a vehicle's make and model number from a drop-down menu. The site offers a few recommendation options for replacement wiper blades, including the Contour or the 31-Series. The instructions can be saved and downloaded. ANCOWipers.com also hosts information on how to install wiper blades with a detailed diagram for each blade type.

The two types of wiper blades and beam and conventional. Beam blades use the latest technology for all-season performance. They have few moving parts, so ice and snow can’t adhere to them. Beam blades are also more aerodynamic with pressure points that allow for better contact between the blade and the windshield. Conventional blades have a standard basic bridge that offers clean wipes and solid, dependable performance.

ANCO recommends that wiper blades be changed every six to 12 months. Weather, seasonal and environmental conditions may necessitate different replacement times. Wiper blades should always be replaced in pairs. Blades should be changed when there are signs of cracking in the rubber, if the rubber appears torn or has pulled away from its metal support, or if it appears worn down and shows signs of abrasion.

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