How Can You Find Cars for Sale for $800 or Less?

Price-conscious consumers looking for cars for sale for $800 or less should use the price filtering tools on sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Autotrader and Cars for Sale to narrow the listings down to meet their needs. The listings on these sites vary by location and time of year.

One common feature of nearly every car sale listing site is a price filter option that allows a user to specify a minimum and maximum price range that causes the site to display only those listings that fall within that range. As many sites have listings for a wide range of cars at many different prices in different styles and conditions, setting a maximum price and focusing a search only on used cars is a good way to locate a car for sale for $800 or less. Each site offers additional tools, such as more filtering options, different payment methods, other ways to view the car in question, and seller and dealer reviews.

Regardless of how buyers locate a car for $800 or less, they need to thoroughly inspect it before buying it. Prospective buyers should drive any car before purchasing it to see if normal use causes any obvious issues as well as examine the engine for any missing or broken components.