Can You Get Car Batteries at Kmart?


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Car batteries are available at Kmart stores and Kmart.com in the DieHard brand, as of 2015. Car battery models available at Kmart include the DieHard Gold, Platinum and standard black models. Kmart offers DieHard batteries in many sizes including 24F, 36R, 40R, 65 and 75.

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The DieHard Gold size 40R battery is constructed with polypropylene casing, offering up to 650 cold cranking amps of power. The DieHard Platinum size 65 battery features 930 cold cranking amps for powering trucks, sport utility vehicles and luxury vehicles. The battery offers an absorbed glass mat design and seal to prevent battery leakage.

Kmart.com offers a car battery fit feature that tests if the battery is compatible with the year, make and model of a vehicle before purchase.

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