Where Can You Buy Xzilon Car Protectant?


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Xzilon car protectant is only available at authorized auto dealerships such as Jaguar Orlando in Orlando, Florida, and Dahl Ford in Davenport, Iowa. As of September 2015, individuals can contact Xzilon by email at info@xzilon.com or by calling 800-553-6866 for information on a local dealer.

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Xzilon car protectant claims to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as oxidation, acid rain, tree sap, dents and water spotting. It is also designed to protect the interior of a car from oil stains, beverage stains, rips, burns and fading. Xzilon offers a limited warranty on its products.

Other Xzilon-branded products, such as carpet cleaner and car wax, are available for purchase on the official website.

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