Where Can You Buy Utility Trailers Online?


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Lowe's, The Home Depot and Harbor Freight have utility trailers available for purchase online, as of 2015. The make, model, load capacity, the style of trailers and pricing varies by retailer.

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Lowe's stocks trailers with mesh metal and solid wood flooring in sizes ranging from 3.71 by 4.12-feet up to 6 by 12-feet. Models are available with low side railings or higher wire mesh sides. Most models have a drop-down ramp in the back for loading equipment such as tools, lumber, lawn tractors or all-terrain vehicles. Available load hauling capacities starts at around 300 pounds for small models to over 2,000 pounds for larger units.

The Home Depot carries many open-style trailers with similar sizes, capacity ratings, construction and features as Lowe's. They also carry a full line of cub trailers and enclosed trailers. Cub utility trailers are much smaller than the other trailer styles and are generally wheelbarrow shaped units used for hauling items such as cement, gravel, dirt and other landscaping supplies. Enclosed utility trailers come in similar size and capacity as the open styles but have complete walls and a roof for protecting equipment and material from the weather or theft.

Harbor Freight has a 6 by 8-foot utility trailer available with no side rails or end ramps, but it has a tilting bed that allows for loading of vehicles.

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