Where Can You Buy Used Utility Trucks?


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Classifieds sites like Craigslist.org, CommercialTruckTrader.com and Oodle.com commonly contain listings of used utility trucks for sale. Auction sites like eBay.com and TruckPaper.com also contain listings, though the availability of trucks on these sites varies over time.

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Listings for used utility trucks on both classifieds and auction sites typically contain pictures of the truck along with a description of its condition, including any damage or needed repairs. Descriptions also cover specific features of the truck, such as seating capacity, bed accessories like tool boxes or ladder mounts, fuel type, and any special equipment included with the truck. The biggest difference between listings on classifieds and auction sites is the pricing and payment methods.

For example, on a classifieds site, sellers set a single price for the truck, and it is up to the buyer to contact the seller, usually outside of the site, to make an offer on the truck or ask any questions she might have. The way the buyer pays for the truck is determined by the seller, and in most cases it is up to the buyer to retrieve the truck herself. Alternately, auction sites allow users to bid on a truck, with the user with the highest bid winning the right to purchase the truck. Sellers also often include shipping options in the price as well.

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