Where Can You Buy Used Tires for Trucks?


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Buy used tires from mechanics, junkyards, tire shops, used tire dealers, and from individuals who have placed ads online and in the newspaper. Use caution in purchasing used tires to ensure their safety no matter the source. Ideally, purchase used tires from reputable sellers that can provide information on the tires' past history.

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Used tires can provide significant cost savings over new tires; however, consumers must take great care to ensure that the used tires they purchase are safe. Even if used tires don't show obvious signs of wear, they may have hidden internal damage caused by overloading, under-inflation or excessively-high speeds.

Further, even if the tires have been used appropriately, the rubber in tires degrades over time, eventually rendering the tires unsafe. The speed at which the rubber in tires deteriorates is affected by factors such as exposure to heat, humidity and salt. Tire manufacturers generally recommend that tires be replaced every five to 10 years regardless of the wear on the tires.

Consumers who purchase used tires may not be able to determine whether the tires have been or will be the subject of a recall by the manufacturer. For these reasons, purchase used tires only after learning about the tires' past history, including when the tires were manufactured and the conditions under which the tires were used.

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