Where Can You Buy Used Postal Jeeps?

can-buy-used-postal-jeeps Credit: JOHN LLOYD/CC-BY 2.0

Used postal Jeeps can be purchased through online postal and right-hand Jeep sellers such as Postal Classifieds or U.S. Right Drive. Online auction websites such as eBay also sell used postal Jeeps in addition to accompanying accessories and parts.

U.S. Right Drive allows users to search its site for a variety of makes and models of Jeeps designed for use by postal carriers. The site offers financing options for select customers, as well as several shipping options that include direct delivery coordinated by U.S. Right Drive, purchaser travel to its main location so that the buyer can drive the vehicle from the lot, as well as custodial options that allow the buyer to designate an individual or party to pick up the Jeep on her behalf.

The original model of Jeep used by the U.S. Postal Service is referred to as a Dispatcher Jeep, or a DJ, and is based on the CJ series of Jeep vehicle. It first went into production in 1955 with Willys Motors as the manufacturer, and it lasted until 1962 win the company was renamed Kaiser Jeep. The DJ series was produced within the United States until 1984, when a newer model was introduced with updated safety features and functions.