Where Can You Buy Used Peterbilt Trucks?


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Used Peterbilt trucks can be found for sale through online trucking classifieds sites such as Truck Paper and Commercial Truck Trader as well as on online auction sites such as eBay. Each site features postings from both dealers and private sellers.

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Listings on Commercial Truck Trader contain detailed information about the vehicle for sale, such as its year, make, model, engine history and a description of its overall state that includes pictures of the interior and exterior. Listings also contain the selling price and whether it is being sold by a private seller or a dealer. EBay's listings feature similar information about the trucks for sale, along with seller ratings that show the overall satisfaction of anyone who has purchased items from that seller.

As of February 2015, the Peterbilt Motors Company is located in Denton, Texas, and specializes in vocational, on-highway and medium-duty trucks. It was originally founded in 1939 by Tacoma, Washington, lumber entrepreneur T.A. Peterman as a means for transporting logs to and from his lumber mills. He began his operation by rebuilding decommissioned military trucks, adding improvements to their designs and engine systems over time. Peterman eventually began manufacturing his own original line of trucks under the Peterbilt brand.

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