Where Can You Buy a Used Military Hummer H1?


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As of 2015, prospective buyers can purchase a used military Hummer H1 model from a variety of online shops and bidding websites, such as CarGurus.com, CarsForSale.com, CarStory.com and Ebay.com. A used Hummer H1 is typically available from various years of production and have a wide range in terms of mileage.

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Hummer H1 listings available on CarGurus.com, CarsForSale.com and CarStory.com generally include information regarding the vehicle, such as its purchase price, physical location, engine type, driving configuration and transmission system. Hummer H1s listed on Ebay.com are generally open for bidding or made available at a set purchase price. Alternatively, a buyer can choose to name his best price to the seller.

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