How Can You Buy a Used Hayabusa Motorcycle?

can-buy-used-hayabusa-motorcycle Credit: PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images

One purchases a used Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle by making arrangements with sellers found on motorcycle classifieds sites such as and, or general classifieds sites such as and Auction sites such as allow users to purchase used Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles directly from sellers.

A user has the ability to sort listings on by several factors, including price range, location of the seller and individual motorcycle features. When viewing listings for Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles, one should make sure to select the Pre-Owned filter to ensure that only used motorcycles are displayed. Each listing contains a picture of the motorcycle along with a description of its current state and any modifications that are included. Users interested in purchasing the motorcycle need to contact the seller and make specific arrangements to transfer payment and retrieve the motorcycle.

Alternately, users searching on are able to make purchases directly through the site instead of making outside arrangements. Listings on the site are conducted in either a standard auction format or a traditional one-time purchase price model. In either case, the buyer transfers money to eBay through a PayPal account, and eBay verifies the funds and sends the payment to the seller.