Where Can You Buy Used Dirt Bikes?


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Find used dirt bikes for sale on specialized motorcycle classifieds sites such as CycleTrader.com and BikeFinds.com, as well as on local classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org. Auction sites such as eBay.com also commonly contain listings for various brands of used dirt bikes.

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CycleTrader.com offers the option of fine tuning search results through the use of a variety of filters, including selling price, location of the seller, the year of the dirt bike, and the bike's make and model. Users can also filter results based on specific aspects of the listing, such as excluding any posts that don't contain pictures. Many of the listings on the site are for bikes sold from dealers, so listings commonly contain a website, address and phone number for the seller, so users can reach out to them about purchasing the bike. Users can also use the site's messaging system to send an email to the seller.

Dirt bikes sold on eBay are done so under either an auction model or a traditional purchase model. In the traditional purchase model, sellers list one price that allows users to bypass any bidding and directly buy the dirt bike. However, there is also the option to make the seller an offer to buy the bike at a lower price.

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