Can You Buy Used Cars on Amazon?

Can You Buy Used Cars on Amazon? does not sell used cars through its website. As of April 2015, consumers should be wary of a scam that tries to dupe potential buyers into paying for a used car through a fraudulent Amazon Payments service.

In 2011 and 2012, multiple reports surfaced about a scam involving an Amazon Payments website. The fraudulent service offered to aid the transaction between the buyer and the seller.

According to one news story, a man lost $30,000 after submitting payment for a Porsche Cayman through an Amazon Payments website. The buyer said he ordered the car through but submitted payment through Amazon Payments. The FBI confirmed that the service was a Romania-based scam that targeted buyers of upscale automobiles.

Authorities advise consumers to be wary of sellers directing them through a pay site. Since the scam is a crime at the federal level, state and local authorities are unable to help consumers retrieve their money through a refund.