Where Can You Buy a Used Box Truck?


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Used box trucks can be found at companies like U-Haul and eBay. They are either sold directly by the company that used to use them or sold by an independent party seeking to profit off of their used truck.

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Because U-Haul utilizes box trucks regularly for renting, they sometimes have a surplus of trucks that are sold to interested parties. As of 2015, they have four different sizes of cargo boxes for the rear of the trucks with a cab and chassis option available as an alternative. Availability varies depending on the area the customer is from, requiring a search using the online search functions on the U-Haul official website.

Box trucks that are offered by independent sellers are listed on eBay. Although eBay offers a wide variety of choices depending on when a user searches, some of the sales are auction-based, making them riskier purchases compared to buying directly from a company like U-Haul.

Following the middle of this road is Penske, which is a company that offers used trucks in a wide range of makes and models. This company has its own listing that allows customers to search for locally-maintained used box trucks for purchase. Because Penske has a wider range of business in the automotive industry, it has more types of box trucks available.

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