Where Can You Buy Tecumseh Cab Kits?

Where Can You Buy Tecumseh Cab Kits?

As of February 2015, both third-party sellers on Amazon and various parts specialty websites sell Tecumseh carburetor kits. Some specialty websites selling these products include MFG Supply, Pat's Small Engine Plus and Jack's Small Engines.

1-800 ToolRepair, a highly-rated third-party seller on Amazon.com, sells carburetor repair kits for Tecumseh products. The repair kits are compatible with a dozen different Tecumseh carburetor models.

Pat's Small Engine Plus sells a wide variety of kits and parts, each compatible with different Tecumseh models.

MFG Supply sells carburetor repair kits, overhaul kits with OEM replacement parts, and individual replacement parts for Tecumseh products such as float bowl washers.

Jack's Small Engines sells different carburetor repair kits and overhaul kits for Tecumseh products, with 4-cycle small engines, snowblowers and lawnmowers in mind.