Can You Buy Rotorway Helicopters Online?

Can You Buy Rotorway Helicopters Online?

Rotorway helicopters can be purchased brand new from their website. Other options to purchase Rotorway helicopters include classified ads and online dealers.

As of 2015, Rotorway has their A600 Talon for sale through their website as a complete kit or in parts. Parts for sale include:

  • Frame
  • Landing gear assembly
  • Engine mount
  • Anti-torque pedals
  • Electric clutch
  • RI 600N engine
  • Complete cabin
  • Tail rotor
  • Fuel tanks
  • Air speed indicator

Rotorway also offers assembly plans, videos and documentation to safely guide first time buyers into assembling their helicopter. The complete unit can be purchased directly from their website for their 2015 price of $99,700.

Online classified search engines, such as Aerotrader, allow buyers to search around the country for used aerial vehicles.