Where Can You Buy Right Hand Drive Vehicles?


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Right hand drive vehicles can be purchased in the United States through online dealers such as Right Drive USA, or through classifieds sites such as Postal Mag and auction sites such as eBay. It is also possible to purchase and import one directly from a foreign dealer.

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Right Drive USA operates a special network that allows customers to view right hand drive vehicles in a variety of makes and models originally sold in many different countries. It serves as a full-service intermediary that allows its customers to purchase right hand drive vehicles without having to fill out customs and importing paperwork. Users view listings that include detailed information about the vehicle, its options and condition, then fill out a custom order form for the vehicle. The Right Drive USA staff then process all applicable paperwork, including any tests or qualifications required, and charges the buyer a flat fee to have the car delivered to her.

Listings on eBay for right side drive vehicles are created by both private sellers and dealers. Each listing contains information about the vehicle and the seller's starting price, if it is being sold in an auction style. Prices listed do not always include shipping costs.

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