Where Can You Buy Repair Manuals for a Mercedes Benz?

You can buy repair manuals for Mercedes-Benz cars at Haynes and Chilton DIY. Both companies offer detailed repair manuals that include step-by-step instructions and visual examples.

Focused on publishing repair manuals for vehicles, Haynes claims to be the leader in automotive repair and maintenance manuals with over seven million annual sales. The company writes the manuals based on complete teardowns of the vehicles. Although Chilton isn't as focused on repair manuals as Haynes is, it offers a greater selection of repair manuals for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Whereas Haynes sells printed manuals, the manuals by Chilton DIY are digital. In addition, Haynes offers a question and answer service that allows customers to ask questions to automotive repair technicians. Haynes claims that the answers may arrive in 15 minutes after sending the question.