What Can You Buy at the Pick-N-Pull in Columbus, Ohio?


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As of 2015, consumers can buy items such as an A/C clutch and ashtrays at Pick-n-Pull in Columbus, Ohio. Parts scavengers also can find air bag parts at the site. Pick-n-Pull sells antennas from a variety of makes and models.

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The site has an assortment of parts that consumers can buy, including an A/C duct and alternator. Customers need to bring their tools to help take parts off these salvaged cars, but the company can provide assistance with this task if needed. This store also sells used cars. However, these cars are available in a limited quantity. Consumers can call ahead of time to learn about current sales.

Customers can buy items such as ashtrays, axle shafts and push rods. The business sells nearly any part available. Consumers only need to take the item off of a car and bring it to the counter to make the purchase. Also, customers looking for a particular part can go to the company website and search inventory to make sure it is at the location.

Due to the size of the site, the company provides customers with a PDF copy of a map of the store layout located under the store contact information online. The company also lists all of its prices for parts to help consumers know how much to expect to spend.

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