Where Can I Buy a New Volkswagen Camper Van?

can-buy-new-volkswagen-camper-van Credit: Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Volkswagen's new camper van, named the California, is not scheduled for release in the United States as of September 2015. The van, which is manufactured exclusively in Hanover, Germany, is to be sold only in Europe.

Volkswagen's California camper van is not the successor to the much-loved VW microbus of the 1960s but to the T-series camper vans VW released in 1988. The van comes with a removable picnic table and chairs, and it has a pop-up top and window shades. It can sleep four, including a rooftop bed, and high-end models come with a full kitchen. The Volkswagen California was introduced in June 2015 in Germany.