Where Can You Buy New Ford Windsor Engines?

Where Can You Buy New Ford Windsor Engines?

Ford Racing Parts offers brand-new Windsor crate motors and a variety of aftermarket brands. Widely available remanufactured Windsor engines, depending on their quality, can contain significant new part content and offer a lower-cost alternative to a new crate motor.

Ford offered V-8 engines sharing the "Windsor" design on a wide variety of models from 1962 through 2001. The pushrod V-8's design evolved over the years as new technology became available.

Ford Racing Parts offers complete Windsor crate engines in several displacements containing completely new parts. Though they can be expensive, the engines have become a favorite for Mustang-based dragsters and classic cars. Ford Racing Parts also stand alone as the only available crate motors with a warranty backed by Ford itself.

Several aftermarket performance companies also build and sell completely new crate motors. One respected performance company known for its complete Ford-sanctioned Mustang tuning programs, Roush Performance, offers Windsor-design engines starting at 350 horsepower from 331 cubic inches of displacement.

Remanufactured engines from reputable firms and online auction websites like eBay Motors offer a lower-cost alternative but vary widely in their quality. Buyers must carefully vet the engine vendor for feedback from its customers to get an idea of their skill, diligence and new parts content. The best vendors sell crate motors that are virtually new save for their stout iron block.