Where Can You Buy the New 2014 Hess Trucks?

New 2014 Hess trucks are available on Amazon.com and eBay, as of 2015. This truck commemorates 50 years of toy trucks for the company, which started using the trucks for marketing purposes in 1964.

The 2014 version of the Hess toy truck features a flatbed design that supports a space shuttle. There are buttons that elevate the ramp on the truck, which serves as a launch pad, and there are three sound effects and more than 40 lights. The truck has chrome detailing, a large "50" on the side panels, and the space shuttle has a landing gear that retracts, sound buttons and flashing lights. Some of these sound effects trigger by motion, and there are lights that turn on and off with a switch.

The 2014 Hess toy truck shuttle also has a scout vehicle inside the shuttle. This scout has working lights and folding wings. Each truck require six batteries to operate the lights and sounds, and the lights may be steady or flash, depending on the chosen mode.

There are several sellers that sell these trucks on both Amazon.com and eBay, but on eBay, some of the listings are auctions, and the truck is not available for immediate purchase. Other listings on eBay allow the buyer to purchase the truck immediately.