How Can You Buy a Military Hummer?


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Former military Humvees are auctioned off at military bases throughout the United States, and bids are placed at Govplanet.com, as of 2015. The trucks come with no titles and may only be used for off-road purposes, so obtaining a license plate is impossible.

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Purchasers of the truck must present the sellers with a note describing the intended uses for each Humvee. This is a safety precaution put in place to make sure that drivers do not abuse the Humvee's powerful capabilities, despite the fact the trucks have been stripped of all military accoutrements, including armor.

The Humvee auctions only began in late December of 2014, after GovPlanet won the contract to handle distribution of the Defense Logistics Agency's used army vehicles over the next two years. Prior to GovPlanet's contract, the Defense Logistic Agency was forced to either scrap the vehicles or parcel them out to other government agencies. Most of the Humvees are around 20 years old, but many also have relatively little mileage. The vehicles are also relatively affordable, with bidding starting at well under $10,000 for most. There are however, a finite amount, with the initial press release claiming that as many as 4,000 units could be sold. Over 2,000 used Humvees have been sold as of November, 2015.

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