Where Can You Buy an MiG 21?


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Raptor Aviation, War Birds News and Top Edge are some of the places that offer MiG 21 jets for sale as of 2015. These sites offer details on MiG 21’s data performance as well as how to buy and own one.

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Raptor Aviation provides information on airframe and engine specifications of available MiG 21s. You get the exact location of the machine as well as details on how the delivery will be performed. The site provides data on the interior and exterior condition of the MiG 21 in addition to its inspection status.

War Birds News is a website that gives news on aviation matters and is a good place to buy an MiG 21. The website helps you get information on any available MiG 21s for sale as they are very hard to find. The site provides the specifications of available jets such as the manufacturer, serial number, engine power, airframe and last flight information. The site also gives photos and videos of MiG 21 jets currently available.

Top Edge is a Russian aviation web page that gives information on available MiG 21 jets for sale. The website gives adequate information on the performance and capabilities of this jet. The website equally gives information regarding different MiG 21 generations that may be available. The site presents a list of possible dealers and links to these dealers.

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