Where Can You Buy Metallic Automotive Paint?

Where Can You Buy Metallic Automotive Paint?

Metallic automotive paint can be purchased from stores, such as Advance Auto Parts, which specialize in selling car parts. There are different variations of automotive paint, ranging from high-heat engine, touch-up, full-body or interior paint.

High-heat paint is made to sustain temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and is usually applied to the engine's exhaust system. These are available to be purchased from automotive part stores.

Touch-up paint is available at part stores in small tubes that are used to fill in scratches or other imperfections.

Full-body paint is available in either spray cans or gallons and is used to paint onto the body panels of a vehicle. This type of paint can also be purchased from automotive stores.

Interior metallic vinyl paint, generally has to be special ordered from an online distributor, such as Dupli-color.