How Can You Buy Foreclosed Boats?

Foreclosed boats can be bought through services such as National Liquidators. This company runs a bid system to sell foreclosed or repossessed boats.

National Liquidators has handled over 35,000 foreclosed boats, including jet skis, yachts and cruise ships. It has facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Newport Beach, California; Cleveland, Ohio and Annapolis, Maryland. To buy a boat, take part in the weekly bidding system which is used to liquidate stock. There is a National Liquidators app available on Google Play or the App store for easy bidding.

Foreclosed and repossessed boats can also be bought through Search through the available boats by make and boat length. There is also the option to search for a boat in a particular state, enable easy collection or look for boats made in a certain time frame. Perform this search by selecting two years in order to get boats which were made within that time frame.

There are also local services selling foreclosed boats, such as Horizon Marine Center in Florida. To buy boats from this service, register interest by entering a name, email, home phone number, work phone, address, city, subject and comments on the website, Proof of funds is necessary to buy and closure takes three to five weeks.